We are known for the quality of our design, just and vendor independent advice and above all the friendly expertise of our staff.

We offer flexible consulting options depending on you needs. If desired, we will come to your site for an initial visit, listen to your situation and your current goals and challenges, and come back to you with how we could best be of service towards achieving those goals.

Our Secret

Our customers include many major and independent oil companies, engineering and technology companies, service providers, investors and other professionals worldwide. TCR C&E stands for trustworthy and successful partnerships with customers. Our performance is a key factor in their present and future success. Our secret is a close relationship with customers and a collaborative approach using cutting edge technology and the best people available. TCR C&E prides itself on working "with clients" rather than "for clients".

Our Customers

What do we have in common with our customers? Like them we are aiming for success. It is our primary objective in all our activities.

We are proud to be steering our business in a sustainable direction and to be developing long-term relationships with our customers.